Fee list

$500.00    Total Credit repair Fee

$200.00    Start up Fee to begin process

$100.00    each month for 3 months/ you must pay your monthly fee 30 days after sign up.

The Credit Solution does not charge a fee for issuing a cease & desist letter to you, nor do we charge for ordering your credit reports.

If you would like to purchase your credit reports with your score, before we start the credit restoration process you can. You can either, receive your free annual credit reports separately on line at https://www.annualcreditreport.com/cra/index.jsp, purchase them through the web site with a score or from SARMA located on 1801 Broadway St. San Antonio, Texas 78215. The contact number is 210 224-6121.

    The fees may seem high to restore your credit but in the end it is well worth the investment. Finally, you will be able to apply for credit cards, finance a home and purchase a vehicle at the best interest rates.

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