It is very difficult to determine whether this program is for you, and I know that you must have many questions. I have listed some common question below to help you in understanding credit repair and the laws.

Is this Legal?  Yes, It is your right to dispute your personal credit file. The Federal Trade Commission regulates credit repair agencies.

Do you guarantee your service?  There is no guarantee on credit repair. If someone does state that they guarantee your money back they have not been honest with you. Please keep in mind that in ordering your credit reports and disputing your information the credit repair agency has complied with all laws and does not have to refund your money. A guarantee would be a sign of a company not complying with the law and committing fraud.

Can I repair my own credit? Yes, but again without the knowledge you can actually damage your own credit and any chances of information falling off.

If it comes off of my credit report will the creditors also remove the item from their system? NO, in most cases individuals pursue credit repair so that they can finance a home or vehicle or attempt to apply with other creditors. Most creditors keep your information internally for about 7 years.

Does it help to pay off my debts with a collection agency or after charge off when they offer a settlement? NO, your information will still report on to your credit report as a paid/collection or paid/charge off. Your rating on that account will stay as an R9 or I9. This will not help your overall credit score.

Is there any way I can get the collection agencies to stop calling me at my employment and home?  Yes, it is your right to demand that they stop harassing you by sending a cease and desist letter to each of the collection agencies. You are protected by The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

How long do I have before an account re-reports on to my credit report?  Sometimes an account will reappear on to your credit report, but it is against the law for the credit bureaus to re-report an account without first making you aware that they have done so. In this situation they must remove the item. If this happens don’t be alarmed, that is why we keep a complete file on your information, if at any time we need to provide proof we will have it.

Is it against the law for you to dispute my information for me?  NO, we provide a signature page giving the credit repair agency power of attorney to sign for you and submit any dispute letters on your behalf.

9.  Can you guarantee or estimate a time limit I have to wait?  NO, there is not set time limit because every ones situation is different. It is a lengthy time limit if you have many negative accounts. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year. Keep in mind that the Credit Bureaus have 30 to 45 days to verify your information and respond to each dispute submitted.

Please understand that the credit bureaus do not like working with credit restoration companies and will fight us. That is the reason that everything is typed out as you disputing the reported information. The credit bureaus will deny time and time again that any information can be removed from your reports and are very determined to make you believe that the service provided to you is against the law. There right, you cannot have accurate information removed from your credit report, but you can have inaccurate, erroneous, and obsolete information removed. They try their best to make you believe that you must have bad credit for 7 years or bankruptcy for 10 years. Despite their endless efforts we are also determined to help you.
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